To determine what size panel to purchase, you should measure your bathroom space to ensure that the panel height has clearance from the ceiling and the width of the panel will leave an opening around 600 - 700mm for you to enter and exit the shower.


If you require custom sizes, contact us at


If you are comfortable installing this product yourself, choose no install for a reduced price. We recommend to use a qualified tradesperson to install.


WHAT IS Glass Coat Protection? ENDUROSHEILD?

It is a glass coating that protects your screen from corrosion. Click here to learn more.

Bath Standard Panel - 1500x750

  • This is a standard 1500x750 sized panel shown with two brackets. We can supply brackets in a range of colours that you can find in the product pictures.

    Glass — We use toughened, 10mm monolithic glass. Using this glass prevents de-lamination, it's also longer lasting and easier to clean.

    Brackets - We use only High Quality CRL fittings, made to last.