This Standard size framed panel is an option if your space fits these EXACT sizes.  If you require a custom fit panel please visit here.


The height of this standard size panel is 2000mm  or 2 m high


To determine what size panel to purchase, you should measure your bathroom space to ensure that the panel height has clearance from the ceiling and the width of the panel will leave an opening around 600 - 700mm for you to enter and exit the shower.





Our shower screens are custom order products, so you will need some measurements to complete this online order.


Use your approximate sizes to choose a size within the size shown in the dropdown box.

These DO NOT have to be exact, We will contact you upon your order being placed to visit and check measure prior to manufacture and installation.


If you are a confident DIY person, please supply exact measurements for all heights and widths of the opening in the notes section to the right you will need to be confident in your measurements.


Select “supply only” if you plan to install yourself for a reduced price.


If you require advice or custom sizes, please contact us on 07 5593 5898 or




It is a glass coating that protects your screen from corrosion. Click here to learn more.

Framed Standard Panel - 2000mm High

  • This is a standard sized panel shown with four coloured frames to suit your decor.

    The total thickness with the frame will be approximately 14mm. Allow 5mm for the heigh and width.

    Glass — We use toughened, 10mm monolithic glass. Using this glass prevents de-lamination, it's also longer lasting and easier to clean.

    Frames — We use only quality Dias Extrusions. Dias are Australian made and have established a reputation for quality and design.